History of the Shroud of Turin

This page is dedicated to information of an historical nature about the Shroud of Turin. The information is divided into two sections:

I. Reconstruction of the Early History of the Shroud of Turin before its first recorded exposition as the Shroud of Jesus Christ in Lirey in 1357 A.D.

Any early history of the Shroud of Turin must begin (on the assumption of authenticity) in the empty tomb on the first Easter Sunday. This date is variously computed by scholars but we will assume that it is 30-33A.D.
30-33 A.D. the burial cloth known today as the Shroud of Turin is found in an empty tomb near the place of crucifixion.

Abgar V legend links Christ to Edessa and a legendary account says that Jude Thaddeus brought an image of Christ to Abgar which healed him. This legend appears to be meant to account for the Image of Edessa and is late relative to the alledged first century event it claims took place. Wikipedia talks about this HERE.

Some typical dates likely significant
544 A.D. ??? Legend of finding the Mandylion in the city gates of Edessa
944 A.D. ??? Army seizes Mandylion from Edessa
1204 A.D. ??? Robert de Clari see what sounds like the shroud in Constantinople
// a lot of other dates from various folks also the Prey Codex all that stuff -- I think just a nice list with links either on-site or off-site to supporting material.

II. Known History of the Shroud of Turin from 1357 A.D. to the Present

See a tabulation of shroud historical events HERE.
This should begin possibly in Besancon or perhaps the earlier part should end in Besancon -- I'm a supporter of Dan Scavone's chronology -- we should probably fork the chronology to give the Templers and Rex Morgan his due as well. What do you guys think?

1978 — STURP American scientists have an unprecedented opportunity to study the shroud.