The purpose of this page is to provide a summary of issues and provide a link to the issue detail page where data in favor and against position on the issue are presented. An issue is simply a statement about the Shroud on which investigators have in the past disagreed or are currently in disagreement. Some issues have largely been resolved, while others are still significantly contested. Some example issues include evidences for and against the shroud imaging mechanism having X-ray like characteristics, or whether the blood flow on the arms was due to motion on the cross or post mortem bleeding as the body lay in the tomb. These kinds of questions should be 1) Stated in a clear way, and 2) Linked to a page with PROS and CONS arguments presenting the data insofar as it exists. We need a good example to begin this process and act as an example.

1. COINS from first century Palistine were placed on the eyes of the the man of the shroud and were imaged with sufficent detail to resolve identifying coin characteristics.

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The following issues split the group of shroud-scientists or people interested in the shroud in different parties, almost like religious cults. It is fascinating, how a historical object like the shroud of Turin can have such a deep impact on people’s thinking. This is only explainable because the shroud is not assigned to a “normal” historical person, but to Jesus Christ, who is still believed to be the resurrected son of god by millions of people today. If the shroud would have really covered the body of the historical Jesus, it would have been a witness of the events having taken place in the tomb and would - like a 5th gospel - perhaps make the reports of the New Testament – concerning these issues – even revisable by modern science. This gives the shroud an explosiveness, which leads to deep controversial discussions.
As ShroudScience Group is primarily a scientific group, all facts must be considered from a scientific point of view, trying as much as possible to separate the scientific aspects from the religious belief.
What are these issues?

1) Who is the Man in the Shroud? The answer to this question seems clearly to be Jesus Christ, whether because the shroud is the authentic burial shroud of Jesus Christ or because it is the work of an artificer seeking to portray the burial shroud of Jesus Christ. See HERE for more discussion.

2) Is the shroud the work of a genial artist?
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3) Did the Shroud enveloped the body of a crucified person?
.... To be rewitten what follows ......To put it more precisely: Is the image on the shroud an artifact or was it formed by a natural (or supernatural) process?
The “artifact hypothesis” builds heavily on the results of the C14-test; and indeed: if the C14-results would be right, and the shroud would originate in the middle ages, what else could it be than an artifact. Therefore this issue can be spitted into 2 sub items:
1a) Is it possible to reproduce the image together with the blood-stains by artificial means: click here for more info on issue 1b) Does the C14-test reflect the age of the shroud properly:
Here another important question is discussed among some researchers: Is it possible that the samples have been fraudulently exchanged between cutting off the shroud and arrival at the C14-institutes?

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4) Was the Man of the Shroud dead or alive?
This question seems at first like impertinence. However someone state that the man must still have lived under the shroud.
.... to be discussed...
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5) How did the Man go away from the Shroud?
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6) Are there any sign on the Shroud that can be correlated to the Resurrection?
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7) Was necessary the operation made in 2002 and is necessary a new intervention for the conservation of the Shroud?
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.... other important issues .. to be included.