The Shroud Science Group is a multidisciplinary group of scientists seeking to establsh as authoritatively as possible what is known about the linen cloth known as the Shroud of Turin.

In pursuit of this objective the group distinguishes findings by their degree of certainty as established by the strength of the evidences.

In the context of science nothing is absolutely certain because all findings can be refined in the light of new evidence. However we will use the word "certain" to describe findings that are arrived at by direct observation. An example of something that is "certain" is that the Shroud of Turin is composed of linen. The presence of cotton is also certain but the amount of cotton and its distribution is uncertain but believed to be sparse.

We need a spectrum of certitude (see tentative spectrum below) ranging from CERTAIN through PROBABLE through CONTESTED to DOUBTFUL or possibally WRONG, i.e. CERTAINLY FALSE. Ex. The Shroud is a painting is a statement that is certainly false. It may in fact be the result of human artifice, but it is not a painting.
Spectrum of Certitude: CERTAIN ... HIGHLY PROBABLE ... PROBABLE ... CONTESTED ... DOUBTFUL ... PROBABLY WRONG ... CERTAINLY FALSE. (Numeric Scores: 0=Certainly False, 3=Contested, 6= Certain)