This page is for discussing matters associated with Theological or Scriptural points as they bear on the Shroud of Turin. This discussion area is not intrinsically scientific but bears on scientific questions such as the compatibility of the shroud image with the gospel accounts and matters such as these. For example there is a question of whether or not the man of the shroud was washed. Some people indicate that he was and others that he was not. The evidence for an against and the compatibility of the scriptural accounts with this evidence would be appropriate matter for this page.


This heading is intended to suggest that we should use the scriptures to establish a tentative time line for the formation of the Shroud of Turin based on the scriptural narratives. I'll take a first whack at it when I get the chance. --RaySchneider


Thursday Evening: Jesus is seized in the garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives — Luke 22:47-54.
Evening assembly in the house of the high priest: Jesus is blindfolded and beaten. (Matt 26:67,Luke 22:63)
Friday morning Jesus is brought to the Council: "When day came, the elders of the Jews, the chief priests, and the teachers of the Law met together, and Jesus was brought to their Council." (Luke 22:66)
Jesus is brought to Pilate who sends him to Herod because he is a Galilean: (Luke 23:1-12)
Pilate resolves to have Jesus whipped and release him but the crowd will not agree: (Luke 23:15-25)
Jesus is whipped and crowned with thorns and mocked by Roman soldiers: (John 19:1-3)
Jesus is taken and crucified, dying about three o'clock: (Luke 23:26-47)
The Jews ask Pilate to allow them to break the legs of the crucified men: (John 19:31)
Jesus is already dead and a soldier pierced his side and blood and water flowed out: (John 19:34)
Joseph of Arimathea requests the body of Pilate: "It was getting on toward evening when Joseph of Arimathea arrived." (Mark 15:42)
Jesus is taken down from the cross