ShroudScience Group on Yahoo! is a private mailing list founded in 2002 by some researchers (G. Fanti, M. Latendresse, E. Marinelli, R. Rogers and others) who felt the need to discuss together at a scientific level many problems related to the Turin Shroud.

By means of thousands of e-mails per year exchanged, open issues as the body image formation and the dating have been studied in detail.

The Group has still produced a reference paper entitled “Evidences for Testing Hypotheses about the Body Image Formation of The Turin Shroud” and a poster entitled “Experimental Results of Sunlight Acting on Linen Fabrics after a report on Nathan Wilson’s “Shadow Theory”, but other papers are in preparation.

In July 2006 ShroudScience Group is composed of about one hundred of scholars and researchers from all the world and it is open to the inclusions of new members if they are qualified to discuss the scientific aspects.

Some members are listed below:
August Accetta, …
Berns J. Buenaobra, University of the Philippines
Manuel Carreira, PhD in Physics, member also of the Vatican Observatory
Frank Cheng, Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Idaho, USA
Fabio Crosilla, Full Professor of Photogrammetry, University of Udine Italy
Giulio Fanti, Ass. Professor of Mechanical Measurement and Testing, Padua University, Italy
Helmut Felzmann, Ph.D. in business economics, IT-consultant, project manager
Piero Iacazio …..
Francesco Lattarulo, Full Prof., Politecnico di Bari Italy
Giovanni Novelli, Chem. Ph.D. Dr. - Industrial Consultant
Paul Maloney …
Joe Marino ….
Daniel Porter …
Bruno Pozzetto Laboratoire de Bactériologie-VirologieGIMAP, Faculté de Médecine France
Ray Schneider, Asst. Professor Math and Computer Science, Bridgewater College , VA USA
Andrew Silverman, MBChB Medical Doctor
Niels Svensson ….
Alan D. Whanger Council for Study of the Shroud of Turin 1North Carolina 27705 USA
Frederick Zugibe be added: Add your own name to the list in alphabetical order.


If you are interested in joining the group send an email to one of the people listed below. In the email please include a brief statement about your qualifications and interests in Shroud of Turin research. A brief CV is particularly useful. If you have a web site on the shroud or otherwise, please provide the URL. in your email.
Your request will be presented to the group and if the majority of the members agree, you will be invited to join the group. A minimum of three days is required to give members a chance to consider your request.
Use one of the email addresses:
Giulio Fanti:
Jose Botella-Munoz:
Marcel Alonso:
After joining the Shroud Science Group, you will be invited to participate in this collaborative web site.