Confirmed observations, other:

B057) The limestone found on the feet contains calcium in the form of aragonite. Similar characteristics were found on samples coming from Ecole Biblique tomb in Jerusalem (Levi-Setti 1985, Antonacci 2000).
B058) It is unknown whether Saponaria officinalis can be detected on the Shroud (Rogers 2003; Jumper 1984 ; Gilbert 1980).
B059) Rust stains due to thumb tacks were found on the sides of the TS [Shroud of Turin] (Faraon 1998/99, Schwortz 2003).
B060) Characteristics of the TS [Shroud of Turin] face and right foot are close to those found on some Byzantine coins (gold-solidus) of the VII-XIII century A.D. (Moroni 1986).
B061) Some water stains are older than the 1532 fire because they indicate a different folding of the TS [Shroud of Turin] (Guerreschi and Salcito 2002).