Unquestionable observations, other:

A079) Earthy material (limestone composed of aragonite with strontium and iron) was found on the feet of TS [Shroud of Turin] Man (Kohlbeck 1986, Nitowski 1986, 1998, Antonacci 2000). Earthy material was also found in correspondence with the nose and the left knee (Pellicori 1981).
A080) Drops of wax were found (Maloney 1989).
A081) Microscopic observation of the bridge of the nose showed discontinuous distribution of light gold-colored fibers . All were on the top of the yarn (Rogers 1978, 2004).
A082) There is no observed microscopic, chemical, or spectroscopic evidence for the presence of any dry powder responsible for the body image on the TS [Shroud of Turin] (Adler 1999).
A083) Some little black spots (diameter of 1-2 mm) appear out of the body image (for example near the head, between the hair and the water stain); they are also visible, in the same position, on the back surface of the TS [Shroud of Turin] (Maggiolo 2002/03, Fanti 2003, Rogers 2003).
A084) Large water stains are visible on both sides of the cloth (Fanti 2004).
A085) Silver traces were found around the burn holes in the scorch area of the TS [Shroud of Turin] (Heller 1983).
A086) The white cloth used to cover the display board for the showing (1978) was fluorescent. Rudy Dichtel reported many intensely fluorescent short fibers on the surface of the Shroud (Rogers 2004).
A087) Aldehyde and carboxylic acid functional groups were detected in the TS [Shroud of Turin] fibers (Adler 1981).