optical characteristics of the cloth:

B014) The TS [Shroud of Turin] linen has a lustrous finish (Rogers, 1978-1981).
B015) If a fiber is colored, it is uniformly colored around its cylindrical surface (Adler 1996, 1999); relatively long fibers show variation in color from non-image to image area (Fanti 2004).
B016) Crease below the chin of the image: on the frontal surface of the TS [Shroud of Turin], the inside part of crease has a lighter color similar to the background, but it has darker margins similar to the image-color. On the back of the cloth, the same crease is darker in correspondence of the lighter color of the frontal surface and the margins are confused with the background: the darker margins are of the same straw-yellow color of the body image (Rogers 2004).
B017) In the ultraviolet emission and absorption photographs the background cloth shows a light greenish yellow emission (Adler 2002).
B018) Where one of the image-yarn crosses over another, there is often no color on the lower one (Heller 1983, Rogers 2005).
B019) The image of the dorsal side of the body shows fairly the same color density and distribution as the ventral (Jumper 1984).
B020) IR photograph of the face made by Judica Cordiglia, if compared with visible photographs of the face indicates the low absorption near the IR of the products of image formation (Judica Cordiglia 1974, Accetta 1980, Rogers 2003).